Hey My Blog is Live Again

Chuck and Michele

Hello again. I'm sorry for my absence. My blog has been down for most of last week due to a DoS attack on Posterous. Apparently, I celebrate my bloggiversary by getting hacked.

On a positive note, I'm extending my giveaway by one week. Comment on my anniversary blog post for a chance to win one of my banners. Winner will be chosen next Monday, August 16, 2010. Good luck and happy commenting.

I've been busy (as usual, I suppose). I attended ProductCamp and an Andy Warhol birthday party - two completely different crowds.

My friends Chuck and Michele came into town. I made them eat yummy things - Home Slice Pizza and Gourdough's donuts to be exact. I was camera-less most of the weekend. I didn't want to lug it around and had filled up my memory card. If you'd like, you can check out my first Gourdough's post.

Chuck only likes a few food groups, luckily one of those food groups is chicken tenders. The mother clucker doughnut fit in perfectly in his food pyramid next to pizza and fried cheese. Gourdough's win! Anyone hear anything about any fried cheese trailers coming to Austin in the near future? Or maybe a fried cheese pizza trailer?

Pictures of the Andy Warhol party (from other cameras) to follow.