Happy Bloggiversary to me


Today is my 1 year bloggiversary. That's right, kathyphantastic.com blog has existed for an entire year.

To celebrate KathyPhantastic.com's first year, the redhead took me to Sushi Sake. I know it has some haters, but I love that place. Tonight, I had the best roll I've ever had there - a vegetarian "Spicy Carolyn" roll from sushi chef Jay Pak.


And I wore a pretty dress. Ha. My backup shoes are in the background.


photo by Aimee Wenske

Some of my IRL friends may have noticed I've started to create signs for special events. To celebrate KathyPhantastic fans (or should I say phans?) I'm giving away two celebratory banners.

birthday banner circle

photo by Aimee Wenske

For a chance to win one of my banners a) comment on this anniversary post with your favorite post on kathyphantastic so far AND b) tell me what you'd like the banner to say. Styles and colors may vary.

Winners will be chosen next Monday, August 9, 2010. *Edit: The giveaway is extended until Monday August 16, 2010

FYI this is also a sneak peek of my Etsy store which will be launching this month. Thank you so much for reading.

Phantastic! We have winners!

Banner winners are: #3 Optimista and #13 Wendy!

bannerwinner winners

15 responses
yaaayyyy!!!!! happy blogbirthday!!!! i'm so happy you celebrated the occasion at sushi sake. i love that place and i love you and your blogs of beautiful things. keep on blogging, k!
Love the dress and you look beautiful!
Happy Blogaversary! You look gorgeous (as usual)!
That is awesome that you are launching an etsy store!! Let us know how it goes!
Happy Blogiversary! Love that dress. Also congrats on the etsy store. I'm sure it will be a smashing success!

You know what my favorite posts of your's are? The trailer food posts. Houston is in desperate need of quality trailer food.

Happy Bloggiversary! Looking forward to checking out your Etsy store.
You look beautiful!!! Happy Blogversary to you! Always enjoyed reading and sharing it!
happy birthday, kathyphantastic.com!

Best entry: http://www.kathyphantastic.com/an-important-day-in-texas-longhorn-football

^ This was the first cakepop entry of all time. In many ways, it foreshadowed greatness...kind of like Richlund Ventures to Living Direct?

happy blog birthday to you!
I can't seem to find it, but I really like all the great photos of the mustaches from Movember. Probably has a lot to do with Florent's Ratatouille face.

Happy blirthday!

Sweet, congrats on the milestone Kathy!

Among my favorite posts, your work behind this post has to take the cake: http://www.kathyphantastic.com/jason-roussos-t-shirt-design-takes-2nd

(No disrespect to T's "I Heart Twins" shirt, but I voted for yours)

Also, I'm pumped about the cake pops you're making for Benjamin's birthday. He'll love them!

YEA! My favorite post ever is this one...because you are announcing the soon-to-be launch of your etsy store hooray!!!
YAY! Congrats Kathy! So proud of you!

My favorite would be of when Chris had lunch with your family this past Christmas.

Gorgeous dress! When do I get to see you guys again??? You really should plan a NYC/Philly escape! Maybe New Year's, if not sooner? Not sure if I'll be able to make it back to Austin any time soon...

A favorite post of mine has got to be: Farm Animal Cake Pops. So cute. So tasty (looking). So Old MacDonald-y.

Congrats on keeping up an awesomely aesthetically pleasing and quality content-filled blog!


Yeah that wasn't me that commented - just wanted to make double-y sure. =)