Gourdough's Is Making Me Feel Quite Gordo

After reading many happy reviews on Yelp, and driving past the Airstream Trailer with super cute retro graphics after close, Lil Phan and I checked out Gourdough's on South Lamar this afternoon.


It was a foggy and generally icky day until Miss Shortcake arrived at my table. Wow. Warm just-fried almost funnel cake-like smell, rapidly melting cream cheese icing and fresh sliced strawberries--it was hard taking these pictures. Sensory overload. I should have stopped at half a donut. Miss Shortcake was so delicious, I had 7/8ths and wanted to explode.

would you like some Sara's Joy?

Lil Phan had the Sara's Joy and I ordered the Heavenly Hash to go for Chris. Both enjoyed their gooey chocolate deliciousness.

For more pics of Lil Phan stuffing herself full of donuts check my flickr.

Yum. Yes, $3.95 per donut is a little pricey. BUT, you're getting much more than just a donut. It's more like $3.95 for an entire dessert. Or for me, $3.95 for Sunday brunch. Sounds like a steal.

I still have donut frosting all over my jeans. These markings are a status symbol...maybe I won't wash them.

they're open

P.S. They open at 10 am on weekends.