Geek Barbie is a Computer Engineer


This is the Chris Cain of barbies.

*Note: Chris Cain is not actually an engineer. He could have been one if he didn't hate it.

Computer Engineer Barbie is one in a series of inspirational career woman Barbies. Read more about Computer Engineer Barbie on Gizmodo, and check out the binary on her screen. She's available in October 2010, but you can pre-order now at Mattel.

Now, where's Appliance Marketeer Barbie and Online Small Appliance Merchandising Barbie?

5 responses
Are those glittery, sparkling leggings I see?
Computer Engineer Barbie's leggings look a lot like my stretchy pants, except my stretchy pants are denim. Does that mean I should be an engineer? Unlikely.
Engineer Barbie does the same thing with Funyuns that real Barbie does with black wee-wee's
let the record show the above comment was Chris O.
I would wear Engineer Barbie's frames. Just sayin.