Diamond Sweater Day

Today was Diamond Sweater Day at work. Alex (pictured without diamond sweater) has an epic knitted sweater that he refuses to wear. So, for his birthday, I cut out a bunch of black and blue diamonds and had a bunch of people wear grey sweaters so we could recreate this famed "Diamond Sweater" with our own. After cries of "Kathy, I hate you! I'm burning that sweater" I like to think he accepted our shenanigans and had a pretty good work birthday.

*Note: This picture really over-represents the prevalence of women and Asian Americans in the company. Also, a few diamond sweater-clad co-workers were unable to be pictured here. There was overwhelming support of the Diamond Sweater and we hope to welcome its return in January 2010.

Diamond Sweater + Sombrero

This is the original diamond sweater, the one and only.