Crafting Mustaches at The Wonder Craft


bunny stache

rainbow stache

Lauren and I had a crafting adventure at the Wonder Craft trailer for November's Third Thursday. We went East and made these hilarious mustaches on sticks.

lauren stache

The Wonder Craft holds mobile crafting classes and parties informing the non crafting world the joy of crafting--all through a shiny Airstream trailer. You may remember my mentioning them in my We Crafted Like Thugs post about their launch party.

The trailer was set up as half handmade boutique, half crafting studio. And there I met Beth Albrecht. Check out her profile. OMG she went to Parsons and worked at BCBG. OMGBCBG. I love BCBG and Parsons.

I happened to buy one of Beth's Texas-centric tote bags for my friend Courtney as a hostess gift when I went to Denver. I immediately had a crush on one of her designs upon entering the Airstream.

Here's my latest crush from Paired Hearts--Beth's stationery and clothing company, the Marvellous moustache tee. A screenprinted tee with sewed-on fabric moustache, can we say cute? It was still Movember when I saw it, and I was trying to beat the boys at work with my moustache growing attempts.

Alas, even the size small was too big. I still want to get one, but I don't know if I can find a cheap/cute enough shirt to get custom printed. American Apparel, why are you often too small, but this time too big? I've seen men much skinnier than myself wear seemingly unisex shirts smaller than this. What size were you wearing, guys? I have to know.

I may have lost the Movember donation contest, but I certainly won with the rainbow 'stache-on-a-stick.