Christmas Cake Pop Class Sneak Peek

kathy and santa cake pop

Last month Objects of Confection and kathyphantastic teamed up to teach a Christmas cake ball and cake pop workshop. We're happy to announce that it was a success (despite some bizarro background music) and there's a Valentine's class scheduled for February.


Photos by Aimee Wenske

Sweet-toothed students including blog followers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, a few friends, and some kids got their hands dirty (or rather, sugary) learning the ins and outs of cake ball how-to and cake pop decoration.

My good friend Aimee Wenske and my sister Tina Phan took pictures and some video.


Photo by Tina Phan

Fellow blogger and crafty friend Monica made some of the cutest cake balls. Her penguins are darling. Check Monica's food and craft blog Sugar Stitches.

Thanks Monica for the Cake Pop Decorating blog post.


See the little girl sneaking a bite of cake pop? I love it. Yum!

penguin cake pop

Photo by Aimee Wenske

This is a simple penguin of my own. I need to get used to wearing these blue gloves. Luckily, I found out I only need to wear them when touching students' cake pops and not my own. Manual dexterity increased a hundredfold!

I am the Michael Jackson of cake pops (one glove).

Thanks everyone for coming to our class! I can't wait to share more pictures.

PS Thanks to the red head for getting me the layer cake apron I'd blogged about for my first class. :)

5 responses
whoo! those look awesome. i'm so sad i couldn't make it to the class. next time.
Thanks Sandhya. You're in luck. We're teaching another class on February 5th for Valentine's Day cake pop and cake ball treats.

Check it out:

argh, will be out of town!
hi. love your blog. i tried to find an email address to contact you, but didn't find one, so I sent you a message on FB about the upcoming valentine class. had a question before i signed up. thanks!
Hi Shayla, thanks so much for reaching out. I received your message and plan on writing you back during my lunch today. For future reference, my email is kathyphantastic[at]gmail[dot]com. I plan on working on a contact page soon.