Apothecary Wine Bar with Striped Men

A few weeks ago the Phantastics and the Kap-Rochs met at Apothecary Cafe and Wine Bar for a catch-up session full of wine, small plates, and bubbly. It's always a great time when we get together and it usually involves cheese.

The dudes were on the same wavelength and showed up wearing black and turquoise stripes.

Ryan seemed perplexed by this and then angry. The redhead was simply terrified.


Luckily the anger and confusion subsided when this delicious cheese plate from Antonelli's Cheese Shop* arrived at our table.

*I've been trying to take one of their cheese classes for six months.

I love how they identify the type of milk with cow and goat stickers.

Dee would probably skip a meeting in the name of cheese. Actually, so would I. My Wednesday 10:00AM? Consider yourself cheesed.

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its true. you nailed it on the head. i would do almost anything for cheese. but not just any cheese. i am very particular. xo
ps. i love the ANGRY link. haha
whoa! is that Dee from portfolio class?? cool!
Esther, Yes! It's Dee from portfolio + a whole bunch of (particular) cheese.
hey esther!!! how are you??