Animal (the Muppet) and Drum Set Cake Pops

animal drums cake pops

My friend Eric is a drummer. Sometimes he drums for City of Ships.

animal cake pops

Naturally, I wanted to make drum cake pops for his birthday. At first I thought I might make single drums. After a while I remembered that when I asked to borrow some drumsticks (see Roussos post and scroll to the end) he asked if I was going to be Animal. Lightbulb moment, I could make him an Animal Muppet cake pop with a cake pop drum set. Jim Henson inspired cake pop magic ensued.

animal drum set cake pops

I asked Monica, his super cute and crafty girlfriend, about his favorite flavor of cake. She named a few faves--I went with German Chocolate. The redhead and lil Phan got to eat some of the uglies and they both think German chocolate cake pops are the best flavor. I think it has something to do with the texture of coconut pecan frosting.

Eric related shout out: Eric's mom Amy makes super yummy treats. I love the days when Eric has extras and hands ones over to me. Amy's blog is yumtastic.

Lots of blogger ladies in his life. A sign of a good guy? I think so.

Animal vs. Buddy Rich in a drum-off.

These photos were taken by lil Phan aka Tina Phan Photography. Thanks lil Phan.