Andy Warhol's Birthday Party at the Mohawk


Last weekend I went to Andy Warhol's Birthday Party at the Mohawk.

Andy Warhol's Birthday Poster

Thanks to Trevor Ray Thompson for these great photobooth pictures. I met his sister that night. She has to hold reflectors and be in test shots, just like I do for lil Phan.

These guys were also there. Alex insisted that he hates Andy Warhol. I'm not sure how he got in.


Florent thought the guy on right was Lenny Kravitz.


Lana joined us as Andy (with Mylar balloons).

lana as andy 962510101_gXHrs-L

I think Florent should get the prescription version of those glasses. He looks fabulous.


A girl thought these glasses were my prescription glasses. I had to tell her they didn't have lenses.


This random girl kinda looks like me.

girl who kinda looks like me

Check out Trevor Ray's website for more pictures of the Andy Warhol Birthday Party.