Today I Love: Mrs. Johnson's Donuts (and other doughnuts)

Happy National Donut Day. Lil Phan bought a bunch of donuts from Mrs. Johnson's Bakery to share! Ever since the redhead and I took her there the other week, she's been looking for excuses to go. The promise of Rapture was a really popular one a 2 weeks ago. I'm glad it's National Donut Day as donuts make a sweet ending to a mostly bad day.

Here's an old post on Gourdough's doughnut trailer.

AND another picture from Lil Phan taken at Doughnut Plant in NYC. Unfortunately, I haven't been there in 3 years.

If you click through on that picture, you'll see it's part of the "Donut Whores" flickr pool. Really?!

So what's the verdict: what's your favorite donut, and do you call them donuts or doughnuts?

East Side King Austin Food Trailer

photo by Tina Phan

East Side King is getting to be my favorite food trailer these days. Now don't get me wrong, I still love Chilantro and have posted about it multiple times.

That said, East Side King's semi-permanent locations are conveniently close to a couple of things I also love, Austin's East side and gin and tonics. Also alluring is that each location offers different food selection.

At the Liberty, the beet fries and veggie meshi are must. I like to mix sriracha and soy sauce together and pre-dip the beet fries before quickly dunking them in the kewpie mayo. (Liberty Menu)

At The Grackle, I have to get the grilled romaine with tom yum mayo dressing and the mushroom rice. I've eaten the eggplant, which was good, but I can't seem to wean myself from the mushroom rice. (Grackle Menu)

photo by Tina Phan

The other weekend, East Side King happened to be at Book People at the food truck event coinciding with the Food Trailers book signing. Here I quickly ate the brussels sprout salad (pictured above) which was was quite good. I added some sriracha for an extra kick and looking back I think it was probably too much of a kick. Might I add, this was the quickest East Side King experience I'd ever had. Because of ESK's deliciousness, they often have a long wait for food.

I found this picture of me (in the giant hat - no not that one, the one on the left) on East Side King's Facebook after they'd added me as a friend.

"East Side King has requested to add you as a friend?" Yes, please. Does that come with a side of tom yum mayo dressing?

At this event I also heard whispers that the newest East Side King may end up at Shangri-la.

I'm lucky to have partaken in ESK a number of times. Here are pictures from multiple adventures:

Coreanos Korean Mexican Food Trailer

via kathyphantastic

Coreanos food trailer is the new go-to escape-the-office lunch spot for me and my work partner-in-crime, Meagan. Feeling royally tired (Meagan woke up at 4:00 am to watch William, Kate, and most importantly, Princess Beatrice's hat), Meagan decided we needed to go to lunch.

Located a short walk away from the office a few times each week, eating at Coreanos provides a great way to leave the windowless office for a relaxing lunch outside.

As expected, Coreanos offers a fusion of Korean and Mexican food specializing in tacos, burritos, quesadillas, fries (which are neither Korean nor Mexican), and tostadas (which they have renamed the Kingstada). I had the tofu Kingstada which had a fresh crispy tostada shell that tasted good, but was kind of small - and therefore expensive - at over $4.00. I'd say it should have been $2.75 - $3.00 Kingstada.

Meagan had one regular style taco and an el scorcho. Fearing fatty meat, she veered away from pork belly. She said both tacos were good but that they were still fatty. Something about the the texture creeps her out. I'm sure fatty meat lovers would have had a field day.

Mother's Day Gifts at Rockin' Mama's Day Celebration

This Saturday (ahem...tomorrow...) baked goods and crafts unite for a Mother's Day at Community Renaissance Market. A portion of proceeds will benefit SafePlace, a non-profit focused on ending domestic and sexual abuse.

Rockin Mama's Day Celebration features plenty of baked goods with cake balls, Mother's Day cake ball bouquets from Objects of Confection (including a few collaborative Mom and floral cake pops from kathyphantastic), vegan baked treats from Sugar Tooth Bakery, baked goods from Cake Maker 3000 and Sugar Pop Sweet Shop. In other words, it should be a tasty Saturday afternoon and your mama will be well fed on Sunday.

Quick iPhone sneak peek on the treats:

Jessica from Objects of Confection is also (wo)manning a decorate-your-own cupcake station which has already been deemed "sprinkle heaven." Marshmallow clouds open up, kathyphantastic wants in. 

A Little News: At the last minute, I decided to have my first tiny test booth with crafts (mainly Mom-friendly banners) from the kathyphantastic Etsy store. This is more of a practice round for me, since I don't have too much to sell right now and I haven't had time to dream up a booth display The booth fee goes directly to SafePlace so I'm definitely for that. It will be interesting to see the others' booths as well.

Were you wondering who those others are? My good friend Micah Porter from The Clever Chick is selling some clay and bottlecap necklace charms. Kristin Farwell from Karmalized Photography is selling cards and prints while hosting a photobooth. MotsDots is selling jewelry for moms with a different sense of style (than kathyphantastic).

I hope you can make it out. Here's the Rockin' Mama's Day Facebook event page for more details.

When: 10 am - 4 pm, Saturday, May 7th
Where: Community Renaissance Market
             6800 West Gate Blvd 
             Austin, TX 78745

Here's an interview with Meghan Krasnoff of ATX Sugartooth Bakery about the event on KOOP radio:

Sugartooth Bakery - Rockin Mamas Day by Queen of Spoons

PS: Sunday is Jessica from Objects of Confection's first Mother's Day. Be sure to wish her a good one.

Shop My Closet: Shoe Sale

I'm cleaning out my closet and editing out things I've stopped wearing (or in some cases, never started wearing).

Would you like to give any of these shoes a new home? I'm hoping to sell these to people in the Austin area so we won't have to worry about shipping.

Priced to move! Higher-resolution pictures available upon request. Feel free to ask your friends as well - I'll update the post once items are gone.

1. BCBG Paris Heels - black, size 7B, $15

2. Urban Outfitters studded flats - black, size 8, $10

3. Chinese Laundry silver heels - silver, size 7.5, $15

4. Nine West ruched kitten heel pumps - size 7, $12

5. Nine West slip on mules - black, size 7, $15

6. Steve Madden sandals - pewter and silver, size 7.5, $10

7. Nine West strappy patent heels - red, size 7.5, $20

8. Nine West square-toed kitten heels - tan, size 7, $12

9. Steve Madden peep toe heels - black, many small scratches in leather size 7, $10

10. Kenneth Cole Reaction suede sneakers - grey and aqua, new, size 8, $15

11. Nine West peep toe pumps - black, size 7.5, $10

12. BCBG Paris satin and cork wedges - burnt orange, size 7.5 B, worn twice, $35

13. Kenneth Cole Reaction patent leather peep toe cork wedges - black, size 7, $25

14. Kenneth Cole Reaction leather cutout pumps - black, size 7, $15

15. Nine West cutout leather flats with stitching - black, size 7.5, $15

16. Kenneth Cole Reaction strappy leaf heels - black, size 7.5, $15

17. Rampage faux lizard strappy heels - tan, size 7.5, $12

18. Sigerson Morrison suede boots - camel, new, small scratches in suede, size 7.5B, $250 My calves will never be this skinny again. If these monster calves shrank, I'd keep these boots forever. My loss is your gain (technically, my gain is your gain).

19. Puma sneakers - white and aqua, size 8, $15

20. Steve Madden pyramid spike sandals - gold, size 8

21. Nine West square toed slingbacks - black, size $12

22. Nine West heels - black, size 7.5, $15

23. Puma sneakers - white and lime green, size 7.5, $10

24. Converse sneakers - white with green and grey, size 7.5, $20

25. Sam Edelman flats with bow - seafoam, worn twice, size 7.5, $40

26. Nine West ballet kitten heel with bow - black, large scratches in right shoe, size 7.5, $5

27. BCBGirls quilted ballet flats - bronze, size 7B, $10

28. STEVEN by Steve Madden peep toe with bow - red, size 7.5

29. Dollhouse ticking peep toe - red and white size 7

30. J.Crew patent leather flats - poppy red, worn once, size 7, $60

31. Tahari patent leather platform heels - black, worn twice, size 7, $35

I'll be adding clothes, including a few pairs of designer jeans in the next week. Stay tuned for more clothes and accessories.

"Where the Wild Things Are" Cake Pops

The first day of April is one of those I don't look forward to - April Fool's Day. Despite being full of (mostly good-natured) mischief myself, I still don't like a day dedicated to tricks. As frequent readers know by now, I much prefer treats to tricks.

On this day of deception, The University of Texas' School of Information hosted the Austin Edible Book Festival. It sounded like an April Fool's, but it was no joke.

Having attended a few years back, I was happy to see there would be another one. I was even happier to know that working on campus, I'd probably be able to attend, and maybe even enter.

Colin Walsh suggested Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are. There's a reason I keep that guy around - he's brilliant!

I used Objects of Confection's signature red velvet cake balls to make Max, Moishe, Tzippy and Bernard.

Spike Jonze, eat your heart out.

The talented Aimee Wenske took these great pictures.

Fun WTWTA connection: Her boyfriend Josh was very popular Max for Halloween a few years back.

There were a few great entries and some rather strange ones. Next year, I might aim for something punnier.

The treats provided at the Festival also gave me the perfect excuse to eat Amy's Ice Cream for lunch. Mint Chip for the win.

Today I Love: Cookieboy

I'm kinda obsessed with Cookieboy right now. Cookieboy is a Japanese artist who has chosen cookies as his medium.

Would you say cake pops are mine?

kathyphantastic Secret: I considered submitting cake pops to a call for new and emerging artists' entries New Art in Austin exhibit at Austin Museum of Art last year. Too bad I didn't have enough time to get everything ready.

PS Don't forget to check out the Cookieboy blog. I'm Japanese illiterate, but I'm in love with the cookie necklaces.

Meanwhile, here's my cookie boy:

Today I Love: Laura George Holding Hands Print

I've hadn't thought about this until today. You'd have 6 more hands to hold if you became an octopus.

Hands, tentacles, same difference (except for those creepy suction cups).

Holding Hands Print, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Oh, and I love a bunch of Laura's other prints, too. I kinda want to go to Chicago to meet Laura George and make her my new best friend.

Here goes:

We are Intellectuals, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

It's Hard to Be a Person, Laura George on Etsy, $15.

Hungry Hairbeast Friends, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Skyfall, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Things I'm Thankful For, Laura George on Etsy, $20.

Check out all of Laura George's illustrations on her Etsy store and blog.