Louis Vuitton Pumpkin

I'm generally not a fan of LV-monogrammed stuff. On the other hand, Mommy Phan can't get enough of it.

She's also one of the people responsible for my never being allowed to carve pumpkins as a child (the other being Daddy Phan). Mommy Phan would approve of this Louis Vuitton-inspired pumpkin though. No carving, no pumpkin guts, yes LV - all wins in her mind.

She has an authentic Louis or two and then the knock offs of the same bags. I refer to them as "decoy bags," to trick possible thieves and other villains. I don't know how the trickery would actually work in a real-life scenario though. And judging by her telling me that women in Houston's Chinatown are being purse-snatched regardless of authenticity, I'm thinking she doesn't either.

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to (the now defunct) Astroworld on NAACP Day? There was some really great Louis Vuitton stuff that day.

Box Full of Kitties

Photos by Tina Phan

Objects of Confection and I packed this box full of cake pops for an excited Hello Kitty lover in Round Rock.

What flavor is inside those cute little Hello Kitty cake pop heads, might you ask? Objects of Confection's chocolate cake balls. Mmmm...cute covered chocolate.

Oh, you haven't gotten enough of the Hello Kitty cake pops? There's more:

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Today I Love: Cookie Dough Negative Space by Sweet Paul

Have you seen Sweet Paul? If you're into prop styling like a certain somebody...ahem...you'll love it. The Sweet Paul blog features Paul Lowe's styling, culinary, and crafting endeavors, all of which are great.

Sweet Paul is also a magazine available both digitally and in print. Check out the Summer 2011 Issue. LOVE. His use of splashes of bright colors juxtaposed against white and grey and white space are right up my ally.

Today I especially love Paul's use of negative space - negative cookie dough space to be exact. Highlighting the cookie dough remnants as a canvas is truly unexpected.

I've been inspired by text and typography lately, and I'm planning to do some styling involving text sometime this summer. Aimee Wenske is on board, so yeah, it should be good. ;)

Hope you had a great weekend, and if you have time go look at the Sweet Paul blog.


via sweetpaul.typepad.com photo by Colin Cooke

via sweetpaul.typepad.com Photo by Alexandra Grablewski

via sweetpaul.typepad.com photo by Frances Janisch

PS Umm oh yeah, he has a glue gun tat.

Today I Love: An Ice Cream Parlour Wedding

It reached over 100 degrees in Austin, Texas today. One of the things that always makes hot days better - in addition to lemonade, sweet tea vodka (Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, specifically), and you know, air conditioning - is ice cream.

I've had weddings on the mind lately, one of my best friends is getting married soon, and I'll be helping style her wedding. If she were getting married in the summer, I'd try to convince her to add ice cream.

What a great (and affordable) way to let guests customize a wedding experience. I am completely in love with the calligraphy on this chalkboard and how this ice cream reception looks incredibly luxurious.

Gene Simmons & Friends - KISS Cake Pops


These KISS cake pops Rock and Roll All Night and party every day.

They also partied hard in this phantastic cake pop article by Michelle Savage-Pena in the Austin Post.

See the resemblance?

We've got the Starchild and the Demon

The Space Man & The Cat Man

Don't worry, Gene Simmons cake pops aren't nearly as chauvinistic as the real thing.

*Digital shout out to Scott Thomas (@Scott_Leighton) for passing along cake pop recommendations.

**A baker's dozen digital shout outs to Objects of Confection for making the delicious chocolate cake ball cores.