Fast Dim Sum and Boutique Trailer Cupcakes

I had an adventure with my sister. We had fast food dim sum at Get Sum Dim Sum followed by Cupcakes at Hey Cupcake! in Allandale. I paid her in cupcake to take pictures of the Eliza Page window I did with Emily Sy.

The dim sum was decent. I'd go again. There were plenty of vegetarian dishes, no veggie turnip cake, though. I did miss the clattering of dishes, congested cart traffic, and loud yells of "Chicken Feet?!"

I learned a little bit about my camera. Hopefully my photos will improve with lessons from lil Phan. Maybe we can call it Tuesdays with Phannie.

Drumsticks of the non-poultry sort

After dinner and Kerbey Lane (on Kerbey Lane) Chris wanted jellybeans and I had a sudden craving for Drumsticks. We stopped by HEB (the one that's "one step away from a cockfight") I got a box of Drumstick minis. I came home and my sister had just been Googling how to make homemade Drumsticks. I guess we are from the same womb after all.

New Shoes

Super comfortable Vanessa softie sandals by Frye, 70% off at Shopbop. Also available in white, black, brown and seafoam. Seafoam and black tied for second place. They were waiting for me on my doorstep after I got back from the gym. There should be another pair tomorrow...not only is it Shark Week, it's Shoe Week.

Score: 14k Seafan Ring by Emily Amey

My Emily Amey ring came in this week and I stopped by Eliza Page today to pick it up. The designer had to remake it for me because UPS lost the first one. She's seeking action against them. Emily designs the rings according to which hand you plan on wearing. For me it's left hand, middle finger.

It's fabulously delicate. I love it.

We crafted like thugs

and divyed the loot. I had a great time with Sharon at the All Austin All Handmade bash. The event was to promote WonderCraft, a mobile craft studio that offers classes on the craft of crafting. WonderCraft also has a focus on community outreach through crafting.

We ate, we drank (Sweet Leaf Tea), we crafted. Oh yeah, we also posed for pictures. We tried to take a photo booth pics, but the the machine and I disagreed on what exactly is legal tender in the U.S.

Someone remind me to order small bites from Blue Note Bakery. K thx. The pistacho cake, strawberry, and orange ginger cake were all great. Sharon said the mini gourmet s'more was also delicious.

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