Yard Sale Treasure Map - A Yard Sale Planning Tool

Yard sales by city. I'm more a fan of the idea of a yard sale map than a yard sale in general. I wish could find old Eames chairs and other midcentury modern furniture at yard sales.

I could find many other uses for similar maps: cupcakes, veggie food, restaurants open after 10 pm on weeknights, stores that carry iron on letters...If only more things were searchable in conjunction with maps...

Screenprinted Madewell Canvas City Tote Bags

This one is for my friend Sharon who loves canvas tote bags. See her blog and her love of silkscreened canvas tote bags at Sharon Loves This.

We were discussing these bags by Obsessive Consumption a few weeks ago. Sadly, Madewell is no longer offering them with a denim purchase. I'd buy the bag alone. Frequent visitors would know why. See I'm Not Well Made for Madewell for details.

Obsessive Consumption's Kate Bingaman-Burt makes daily drawings about personal consumption.

I really do love her bio.

A Brave New School - Sony Style Window

Here's the Back to School window for Sony Style at the Domain. I'm so glad I get to work on windows with Andrew Clary. He's a great visual merchandiser.

Each time I go in for a window, I find myself eyeing the P-Series laptop in garnet. A clutch sized computer is quite portable. Alas, I'll get another Mac when this one dies.

Cirque 21 is NOT in town

My sister and I went to the Forever 21 at Highland Mall hoping to sneak a peek at the Forever21 Twist Cirque 21 collection.
No circus was to be found.
It was like the time my parents took me to circus. I had my hopes on Barnum and Bailey. Not knowing there was a difference, they took me to the Moscow circus. There were a lot of bears and not much else.

I did find this dress nautical stripe dress. It was cute, but strange fitting on top. I'll keep an eye out for a better fitting version. I'm sure I won't find one that will beat a $14 price point.

Custom Baby Tee

I crafted a custom baby t-shirt for my friend Aaron's baby. His nearly one year old is a size 24 months. I'm pretty sure Benjamin is going to be bigger than me at age 26 when he is age 3.
Aaron loves Tony Chachere's creole spice. Lucky for him, I happened to have some from the time I made veggie jambalaya.

This t-shirt is the most complicated one yet. I plan on making some [simpler] onesies for my Etsy store in the near future. Benjamin is just too much baby for a onesie.

During this adventure, I learned how hard it is to find a plain t-shirt for babies. For unclear reasons, blank shirts are both more expensive and harder to find for babies and toddlers. I had no idea. Baby clothes are such a foreign and tiny world.