I finally gave Lauren her Christmas present today (8 months late). She just so happened to be wearing the perfect outfit to receive her gift. Who gives someone else wrapping paper as a gift and expects to remain friends with this other person? Me.

I was trying to go for the Garden State effect. Our cubes are just too small.

A year and a half ago, same lady, different houndstooth.

Andy Warhol's Birthday at Mohawk

via flickr.com

Out of several birthdays over the last 2 weeks, this one was by far the most pop-arty.

We mingled with hipster remakes of Andy and his Factory People. Lots of shiny pants, Edie Sedgwick look-a-likes, and one tall, ginger Lou Reed wannabe. I even took a shot at being Andy. This photo is by Erica Wilkins who had a blast laughing at me as Andy.

Will was pleasantly surprised by running into an old friend (and this old friend's even older parents) who were all making screenprints upstairs. They conned him into buying a t-shirt by PoorHouse Studios.

We made video art to the sounds of a good Velvet Underground cover band before calling it an early morning.

Sugar Mama's Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cake

vegan lemon raspberry cake
camera cake
sparkler candles
double fork
cake slice

My sister's birthday cake was so amazing, I had to dedicate an entire post to it.

When I called in to tell Sugar Mama's I'd be late picking up the cake, the bakery guy said that it was fine and the cake was really cute. So, I was excited about what'd I'd get to bring to the celebration. The custom chocolate camera looked great -- bakery guy was right.

Thanks to Sugar Mama's for a great cake. Please stop by the bakery and have a cupcake or 5. My favorites is the Southern Belle (red velvet with cream cheese frosting) with the vegan Mint Chocolate at a close second. I can't wait to try Strawberry Love. I'll be at the birthday party on the 29th with an empty stomach preparing myself for adult onset diabetes.

I do believe my photographer sister had her cake and ate it, too.

Whip In(to a different world)

We went to Whip In for dinner. It was like following a hippie to a second location. I take that back, it was like following eight hippies to a second and then a third location.
The clientele was happy and seemed to know each other. There were lots of people hugging; I was scared they'd make me join their cult. Bizarre live music was playing and our (nice) waitress was a TX Roller Girl. The crowd was encouraged to clap and bang spoons against each other.
The food was tasty, but pricey for the amount we got. I liked the panaani, it was quite punny.

We checked out the convenience store portion after dinner. There was a large selection of specialty beers, wine, and gourmet snacks. I'll come back if I have a late night, yet before 12:00am craving for Kettle Chips.

Lil Phan's Canon Rebel T1i camera is amazing. Most of these pictures were taken by me. If all the settings are ready for me, I can frame.
*Exceptions: 1. Me pointing at the Whip In sign 2. Ginger Beer concoction in Guinness Glass