What's a Kamado Cooker?

grill dome
grill dome

First of all, I usually like to keep separation of work and state, but we tested these Grill Dome Kamado cookers last Friday and they were so pretty, I wanted to blog about them here. Second, I'm a vegetarian. Grills? Meat? What do I know?

What I do know is that the copper model is beautiful. It has a light pink, almost pearlized eggshell tint and looks more like a vase than a grill.

One of my many bosses grilled a Smart Dog veggie dog just for me, the resident vegetarian. It was quite good and far less questionable than a real hot dog.

Kamado cookers are made of ceramic and are supposed to cook more evenly than regular charcoal grills. They say the Grill Dome can even bake bread. How was the meat? I wouldn't be able to tell you. Judging by grins on my carnivorous co-workers' faces, it was a success.

You can get one of these grills at LivingDirect.

Orange Pan-Glazed Tempeh - Not a Terrible Mistake

We made orange pan-glazed tempeh tonight, and indeed, it was not a terrible mistake. It was my first time cooking with tempeh, and it was weird. Our tempeh was by WestSoy and had the texture of a rubberized a rice krispie treat. I think if someone needed a replica of a rice krispie treat for a restaurant window (this concept is quite popular in Japan) they should find some tempeh. Another weird thing, tempeh is made with fungus and will often have black spots once removed from the packaging. Eww...I had do some googling to make sure I wasn't going to die. Not dead, yet.
The recipe is from Heidi Swanson at 101cookbooks.com. The Heidi's pictures are great. If you can get over the idea of mold and rubbery rice krispie treats, I definitely recommend it.
Thanks to the Javanese (for inventing) and Whole Foods for introducing me to tempeh. I'll use it in the future as a protein source.
I've included a picture with a fork and chopsticks to appeal to a wide range of utensil users.

Mobile Banh Mi Hits LA

L.A. just got a mobile banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) truck. The Nom Nom truck's founders came up with the concept after many long journeys for good banh mi sandwiches in Southern California.

When will one of these get to Austin? We've got a Vietnamese sandwich truck. Sadly, Lulu B's (sorry all they've got is a MySpace page) is stationary. Why come to banh mi, if banh mi can come to you?

Man, I could use a banh mi chay from Tam Deli right now.

Stella(r) Skirts

Christine and I wore the same skirt today at work. Both our skirts were deeply discounted. We even discussed our bargain hunting endeavors this Monday.

I should really take pictures earlier in the day when I'm less tired.

Fall's version of the BCBG Stella high waisted skirt is available at BCBG online. No chartreuse or blue; black is back.

New Employee Desk

We had a new employee start at work. I was able to convince my boss that decorating this new employee's desk would be a welcoming gesture. He'll be driving traffic (PPC) to our sites. We took the idea literally and put in our traffic requests via road signs.
Few things give me as much joy as cutting out pieces of paper.